Lainy Mammone, Catering Manager and Owner

Lainy loves connecting with people through food. This shines through when she opens up about the brides she has met through MRECo. ‘Alira and Luke’s wedding was amazing,’ Lainy recalls, quick as a flash when questioned as to the weddings and brides that have stuck with her. “It was a sit down feast for 160 guests at a house near Prevelly on beautiful grounds. Alira was gorgeous to deal with, and we just loved doing it – big platters of lamb and chicken and bowls of beautiful salads and vegetables, just the way you would imagine when the French or the Italians have their families for dinner.”

A cook since age 8 when her Mum taught her to pull together her first dinner (spaghetti bolognaise, what else?) and a chef by profession since age 19, the now 47 year old mother-of-one has cooked for celebrated chefs Heston Blumenthal, British-Indian Sat Baines and Frenchman Guillaume Brahimi. Lainy knows her stuff. In the same way, she understands that every couple desires acknowledgement-via-effort of their own celebrity status on what will be their Big Day.

“Ask for the world and we will give you as much as we can afford for your budget and guidelines,” Lainy enthuses. “We take a great deal of pride and feel very privileged that we’ve been asked to take on the responsibility of making somebody’s day so special.”

Pete Mammone

Pete met Lainy twenty years ago when she was working at Amberley Estate and they have been inseparable ever since. Pete’s parents are local second generation market gardeners and his knowledge and access to quality produce are a natural fit to Lainy’s appreciation and desire to create beautiful food! Since 2007 Pete has been responsible for the hire division of MRECo and assists behind the scenes, ensuring all is executed to perfection.

Gabby Setton

Gabby and Lainy met at Amberley Estate 18 years ago and they have remained firm friends since. Gabby is Lainy’s right hand Chef in the kitchen and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that she brings to the team, and is vital to the success of MRECo.

Amanda Duggan

Amanda has been with MRECo for four years and has been invaluable since she joined the team. She comes from a local Cowaramup family and has a passion for learning all things food.