2020 was going to be the biggest year for the Margaret River Events Company with a calendar full of weddings and events. The owner, Lainy Mammone (a former head chef at the legendary Amberley estate, and part of the team of chefs at Driftwood Estate, and Vasse Felix) was gearing up for a busy year until COVID-19 hit and the cancellations starting pouring in.

Overnight our business disappeared

As Lainy Mammone explained “It all happened so fast, everyone was reeling. First we heard that indoor gatherings of more than 100 people had been banned, then the Australian borders would be closed on March 20th to all non-residents. This was a terrible disappointment for our overseas visitors who had booked their weddings with us. But then Mark McGowan decided that in the best interests of everyone, introduced intrastate travel restrictions on April 1st. And it felt like the joke was on us, as we were effectively isolated from all but our local market, and the problems with that just kept coming.

Large outdoor gatherings and events were banned
Just like that we classed as a non-essential service. It was heartbreaking. We had food ready to be prepared that couldn’t be saved. And it wasn’t just us of course, restaurants and bars had to close; and gatherings were limited to just family units, and no more than two people outside. Within a few weeks and with bills piling up, we were facing a potential disaster.”

Like all non-essential businesses, they had to adapt to survive

There is something truly enchanting about the Margaret River Region. Located on the South Western Coast of Western Australia, the stunning coastline meanders over 100kms, overlooking the Indian Ocean, stretching from Busselton on the shores of Geographe Bay down to Augusta, the most South Westerly point in Australia.

Lainy went on to say “Here we were, locked down in Paradise and I had nothing to do apart from cook food for my family to enjoy. It was around that point I got a message from a client on the Margaret River Food, Takeaways & Deliveries Facebook page asking if I could supply dinner. They were fed up with their own brand of cooking, and wanted something special. I said YES.
That was the turning point, and Lock Down Lunches was created. It was a relief to have something constructive to do,” she said with a laugh. “Of course, word soon got around that we were back in business and I had the kitchen in full swing again.”

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